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What is property damage?

Property damage is the damage that was caused to your vehicle and/or its contents as a result of the Defendant’s negligence.

We do not typically get involved in negotiating this loss with the Defendant’s insurance company, mainly for the reason that if we take our standard percentage fee for those services, there is very little left for the client to use to replace the vehicle that was destroyed in the collision. Unfortunately, our experience is that insurance companies usually offer very little to replace vehicles that their at-fault insureds have destroyed, because they know that you cannot afford to spend a year or more litigating that aspect of your claim without a vehicle. They know that we all must have a vehicle to survive, and that few of us have the funds to obtain a replacement vehicle without the insurance money from the person responsible for destroying our vehicle.

Our experience is that you should negotiate property damage separate from your personal injury claim, however, we will fully discuss with you the best way to accomplish the fairest property damage settlement possible. However, it is of the utmost importance that you obtain a full set of color photographs of all of the damage to your vehicle before it is repaired (or destroyed). These photographs may have an incredibly important effect on your claim for personal injuries. This is especially true if there are substantial damages to your vehicle. If so, the Defendant will have a much more difficult time arguing that you were uninjured in a crash of such force.

If your case is one of soft-tissue damages only, the Defendant will always argue that you really have not suffered a permanent injury, for reasons we will explain below. Accordingly, the damages to your vehicle (or lack thereof) may play a crucial role in the ultimate outcome of your personal injury claim.

It is important to understand that the Property Damage portion of your claim can be settled without affecting the remainder of your claim. It is crucial, however, that any check and any release you sign specifically provide that the settlement is for property damage ONLY! Fully discuss this issue with your lawyer before agreeing to anything regarding any claim for property damage.

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