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What is liability?

Liability is a legal term, which simply means “fault.” If someone is liable for causing some event, it means that they are legally responsible for paying the damages that are reasonably caused by that liability. Liability means that the Defendant did something that in the exercise of reasonable care it should not have done, or, in the alternative, the Defendant failed to do that which in the exercise of reasonable care it should have done.

Before any damages are recoverable, the Plaintiff must first prove that the Defendant is liable for the event giving rise to those damages. If you cannot establish liability on the part of the Defendant by the greater weight of the evidence, damages are completely irrelevant, and you lose the case. It is therefore obvious that the ability to prove liability is of paramount importance.

Liability can sometimes be a complex and technical issue that is beyond the scope of what can effectively be explained here. Therefore, while there are many, many cases in which there are multiple Defendants, for the purposes of this brief introduction, it will be assumed that there is only one Defendant in any given case.

Liability means legal responsibility for causing the Plaintiff’s damages. This can be from doing something that the Defendant should not have done in the exercise of reasonable care, or, alternatively, by failing to do something that the Defendant in the exercise of reasonable care should have done.

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