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What are Set-off, Collateral Sources, Liens, and Letters of Protection Set-off?

The law provides that a person who is injured is not entitled to collect twice for any injury. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is not. This means that if the jury were to award you $8,000 in medical bills, but your PIP insurance has paid $7,000.00 in benefits, then you would be entitled to a Judgment for only $1,000. That is what is called a ëset-off”. The Defendant is entitled to a set-off for benefits paid for your medical care which do not need to be paid back, such as PIP benefits. What is more confusing is that the jury may not even be aware that such benefits were paid. If not, then the Judge will deduct those benefits paid after the jury has awarded them. Discuss this issue fully with your lawyer within the context of your case.

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