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What about medical expenses?

Medical expenses are another crucial element of personal injury damage claims.

In motor vehicle collision claims, if you or the vehicle in which you were riding had PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance, a percentage of the first $10,000 (usually) of your medical bills will be paid by that policy, even if the collision was not your fault. It is therefore important that you immediately notify your insurance (PIP) carrier as soon as possible after the collision (preferably after you have hired a lawyer to guide you through this process). After the PIP insurance is exhausted, you can make a claim on any applicable health insurance coverage to help pay those bills. This will be explained in more detail when you retain competent counsel to represent you.

You should always make all of your doctor’s appointments, and if you must miss an appointment, phone your doctor before the appointment time and explain why. Otherwise, your medical chart will simply reflect that you were a “no show”, and the defense will argue that you are not really hurt, or you would have made your scheduled doctor’s appointments.

On that note, it is your doctor who will determine the value of your claim, and you must therefore be very thorough and complete when advising him or her about your injuries. Once again, you should ALWAYS tell the truth. However, you MUST make absolutely certain to convey to your doctor in very certain and specific terms the truthful, exact nature of all of your pain.

If the at-fault vehicle or driver had Bodily Injury insurance coverage, any settlement will occur only at the end of your claim, and until then the bills not paid by some type of your insurance (PIP, health insurance, workers’ compensation, ect.) will need to be paid by you, or go unpaid until your claim is totally resolved. In other words, the Defendant’s insurance company will not pay your medical bills as they accumulate. Be sure to talk specifically and at length with your attorney about what to do if your medical bills exceed your available insurance coverage.

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