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Lawsuit Claims Floridian DMV Information Sold Illegally

By Jackelyn Barnard
First Coast News

JACKSONVILLE, FL-- You get the notices in the mail every single year. It''s time to renew that license tag on your car.First Coast News has learned, with some of those notices there is a little something extra that shouldn''t be there.

There are ads on what cars to buy and what satellites to get. Woody Wilner, of Wilner Block, says the ads are there illegally."The state of Florida is selling the addresses to your car, your address to people who are putting ads in there."Wilner says hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Floridians are the target.

Right now, there are more than 13 million drivers in the state.Wilner says a good share of Florida drivers'' information is already floating out there."The state has to keep that under wraps." Wilner says it is because of the Drivers Privacy Protection Act or DPPA.

It was passed in 1994 to protect your DMV information, so no one could look up a tag number and find out a name, an address or social security number, without having the person''s permission first.According to a lawsuit recently filed, a company out of Delaware has, "...misused personal information.... inserted commercial advertising..... without obtaining express consent."First Coast News has exclusively obtained these contracts which show deals made between the State and that Delaware company, a marketing service called Imagitas.

According to the document, seventeen counties in Florida have signed up with the company to release that DMV information."I'm shocked that Imagitas and whatever other companies are doing this have thought they could get away with this," says Wilner.

Wilner says he is determined to make the companies stop. He says it is all about security and making sure no one gets their hands on information they shouldn''t have.

The Company Imagitas did not return our phone calls.

First Coast News has learned half a million people on the First Coast could have their information floating out there for sale.\r\n\r\nThe I-team will have part two of this exclusive investigation on Thursday.

Created: 8/16/2006 5:19:33 PM
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